Friday, March 30, 2012

"Grass" Easter Basket Tutorial

I made this cute Springtime "grass" basket the other day to hold my very favorite candy in the whole wide world; Cadbury Mini Eggs. I eat so many bags of these this time of year, it will be amazing if I can fit into my Easter dress next Sunday. Maybe I'll be more motivated to leave them in the candy dish with such a cute display... maybe.

To make your own grass candy basket, cut out your pieces from green felt...
One 5 inch square
4- 5" x 3" pieces
4- 5" x 4" pieces

Lay your pieces out as shown below. Place your shorter side pieces on top of the larger ones.
You'll first sew all 4 of your sides together to make a square (without the bottom)...

Next you'll sew the bottom of your basket to the sides. Make sure you pin well.
Now turn your basket right side out...
and trim your grass.
It's a little floppy, even though your felt does have some thickness to it. I just hot glued a cute pink ribbon all the way around and that helped keep it more stable.
Now you can fill it with your favorite Easter treats. Because it's fabric you'll probably want to either line it with something like parchment paper or perhaps just set a pretty glass bowl inside, especially before adding anything sticky!

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