Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Halloween Quilt

Last year I finished a Halloween quilt just in time to have it up for a few days before Halloween. I've been looking forward to pulling it out again. I made it for the kids mostly, I like my Halloween decor a bit more spooky.
Thank you little P for modeling for us during the 2 minutes we had before we rushed out of the door for school.
The fabric is last years Halloween fabric called Boo to You by Riley Blake Fabrics. I love the great big polka dots the most. And, as you can see I opted to use mostly the green, rather than orange, just to change it up a bit. I'm not sure if this fabric is still around, but this years Halloween fabric is very cute too.

In case you are wondering, I didn't have a pattern for this quilt. I was inspired by THIS QUILT, but wanted to use bigger pieces so the kids could see the fun characters on the fabric. For the most part I just took a large rectangle of fabric, cut it at a slight angle, mixed them up, and sewed them back together again.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gereral Conference Printables for Children October 2011

How to get your little children to listen to at least some of General Conference this weekend? I have no idea... but these printables are pretty cute. I'm not sure if they will really work on my kids, but perhaps I'll try. I admit that in the past I've sent the kids outside to play on General Conference weekend so that I can hear a talk or two. But I think they are getting old enough now that I can expect them to sit through at least one session.

Conference Bingo HERE

Coloring Ties HERE

Conference journal for kidsHERE

My favorite General Conference tradition... pie at my in laws Saturday night after the Preisthood session!

What is General Conference? Find out more HERE.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sewn, not painted

No doubt you've seen a lot of the chevron design across blogland lately. Most of the pillows and rugs I've seen have all been painted. Well...I do much better with a sewing machine than a paint brush.

Personally I think it was just as easy, if not easier than taping, painting, drying and then sewing. I finished my pillow in a day. If you look closely it's just a bunch of half square triangles. FYI I stared out with 3 inch squares and by backing it with batting and some simple straight line quilting it will be sure to last longer in my home with 3 children.

I backed it with a fat quarter of Bliss flannel. The kids have been fighting all week over who gets to lay on the new pillow, but right now they are at school so it's all mine.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adventures In Crochet

My mom and I have started taking a little crochet class once a week. Here's a pictures of my first work in progress. I'm totally loving it! I could really see myself spending many mindless hours in front of the TV making dozens of Christmas potholders :)

Here's a bit of crochet inspiration for you...

amigurumi elephant, baby blankets, flowers

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Friends

Starting school, the perfect time to make new friends... literally. The girls wanted theirs to look like themselves. I didn't plan on making the boy one, I thought he would be too old. He asked for one that looked like Harry Potter though. I think he has plans to do THIS with him... he's a big fan (with mom and dads supervision of course).

Made with love...

I used the Wee Wonderfuls pattern. A super cute and easy to follow pattern. It came with the patterns to make a bunch of diffrent outfits and shoes. I just had to wing it with the Hogwarts robes :)

Martha Stewart showcased the Wee Wonderfuls book and put up a link to a free pattern for a little mermaid. Super cute!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Blog Design

What do you think? In case you haven't noticed, I am not great with computers. I've taught myself how to do this blog from trial and error. I've learned a lot through tutorials online and I'm totally thankful to all those cute-free-blog websites out there.

I had to change up my blog again, something about "exceding bandwidth"... whatever that means. So, here's the new look. Not sure I like the header to one side like that but I'll have to play with it more later, kids are due home from school in 20 minutes and I've been on this computer ALL DAY!

Update: Ok, I think I fixed a few things that were bothering me (at least my header is centered now). I'll continue to work on it some more but for now I'm worried that it's just boring. Perhaps I need to just walk away for today.