Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back To School

I sent the kids back to school this week.

I can remember when I had my hands full with 3 little babies, wishing for the day when I could send them to school. Babies are hard. When they were little I desperately needed to find just a few minutes to myself. I rarely ever found it. Now that life is more or less wonderful, breezy and fun I'm having to send them away and I'm left alone during the day... wishing for my babies back. Well, not so much "babies", I LOVE the stage in life my kids are in. Dare I say it?!... I'm not overly fond of babies. Don't think I'm a terrible person. It's just that caring for a baby is a whole lot of work with very little daily reward. These days I am reaping the reward earned through long sleepless nights and lots of tears while they were young. Raising school aged children is a pure joy. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy! It's rewarding. There's a difference. And it's fun, we go on a lot of adventures. They are my little pals.  

This year The Boy started 6th grade! Big man on campus.

Our little genius P stated 4th grade!
And yep, that's right... our baby is a first grader! Amazing.
What's also amazing is how smart she is. Third time's a charm :)

What am I going to do all day without these short little buddies of mine?

Pictures provided by the awesome Camera Shy Photography!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Quilts

I made 2 quilts this summer. Both were from this line Happy Go Lucky by Thimble Blossoms, yes I love it that much!

The first quilt I'll show you is this whirly gig quilt in all the gorgeous blues, green sand greys from the line. This color way is what drew me to the fabric line in the first place. I LOVE pink, but really... it doesn't look good in my home. This is a quilt that matches the d├ęcor in our home and incidentally is my FAVORITE color scheme at the moment. Particularly that aqua and navy blue combo.
But before I could hang it prominently I had to break it in with a little nap :)  

I looks so bright and fresh hanging in our stairwell! This whirly gig pattern is so easy to make, which is why I chose it because most of my summer was spent working on quilt #2, a queen sized quilt for my moms brand new home! At the moment it's being bound but I can't wait to get it finished, not only because I LOVE it but also because I've been working on it for so long!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Life... New Glasses

I noticed P was squinting a lot lately. Of course it was important to take her in for an eye exam before school starts and.... yep, she needed glasses. Not a big surprise. I was hoping she could put it off for a few years like her mom and dad just so she could be more responsible for her glasses, but it wasn't to be. She does look adorable in them though!
To help her keep track of her glasses, and to help her get more excited for them, we took the plain brown cases the doctor gave her and decorated them with fun duct tape. Totally cool!

They turned out so cute! The addition of the handle really set them off.
Hopefully with these bright and unique cases she can keep track of her glasses at school this year. Crossing my fingers!