Monday, March 12, 2012

Budget Birthdays, Swim Party Printables

I like to throw parties for my kids, but I'm always on a budget. Part of being a stay at home mom I guess. Actually, I'm not so sure... I think I'll always be thrifty, no matter how many millions I plan to make someday :)

While planning my daughters 8th birthday I searched from some free "swimming" party printables and came up with nothing. I found some really cute things for really good prices on etsy, but I wanted free, I was already spending enough to get everyone in the pool.

(pay no attention to my ugly cupcakes)

I decided to get what I wanted, I needed to make my own. I'm pretty sure my recent purchase of Photoshop has paid for itself by now. My printables are simple, but they are also free, and I think they're still pretty cute.

Not such a great picture of my daughter at the pool. We were having too much fun to bother much with the camera.

So here they are, a set of simple but cute swimming/pool party printables for you to use as you please. Of course I would love it if you'd link back to me if you post on your blog. And please use these for your personal use only. If I find they are being sold, I'll just let everyone know where you can find them for free! :)

You should be able to just right click on these, save them to a file, reopen them in a word document, photoshop, paint, something of that sort and print. If that doesn't work for everyone, please let me know and I can upload them to a site like Also, as for right now, I don't have a boy version but it's something I would be willing to make if I have enough requests.
cupcake toppers (I just taped them to some toothpicks)
Water bottle labels (I wrote everyones name on their own water bottle lable to take to the pool)
Birthday banner (you could print out multiple sheets for a longer banner. Attach with cute ribbon)
Bubble favor labels (Walmart had a pack of 8 bottles of bubbles for 2.50$. Very budget friendly!)

I'm thinking I'll make Budget Birthdays a recurring theme on my blog, probably about 4-5 times a year (we have 5 people in our family, but I don't see myself making my own "Happy 33rd Birthday" printables). Maybe more for holidays and things. Let's see how many cupcake toppers I can come up with!

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