Monday, April 2, 2012

Favorite Easter Finds

Easter came quick this year, didn't it?! Yay Pinterest for helping me throw together some Easter activities for the kids this week! I'm such a good mom at the last minute.

My 5 year old enjoyed coloring this little bunny and glueing a handful of cotton balls to it's tail. You can find the source HERE!

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by last night and I printed out these Easter story sheets, stuffed them in 12 Easter eggs for a quick egg hunt and it actually turned out to be one of our best family nights. Here's the source where you can find all her printouts, 12 in all!

Resurrection Rolls were cooking in the oven while we had our family Easter lesson. We made them first and hid the eggs while they were cooking. HERE is a good recipe for this easy Easter treat with a message.

You've seen these treats before, right? My daughter hadn't. She is SUPER excited to make these chocolate nests. I'm saving this for Thursday... first day of Spring break. HERE'S the source!

Lastly, this is my front door. I got the idea for the egg garland HERE. 2 packs of 42plastic Easter eggs totaling 4$ (Walmart) made the perfect length for my door.

My front door is actually a mess. It's covered in spots and fingerprints, my doorbell is broken and there is purple paint of my front steps. Every time I come home and see it, I sigh. But then I remember that the spots come from the tape of my children's artwork that they love to hang on the front door for all to see, the fingerprints are from little children who are always welcome home, my doorbell is broken from the countless little friends who come to play and make my children happy and entertained, and the purple paint is from a secret art project my girls once made me outside because they wanted it to be a surprise. After all this I remember that the front door to our home looks perfect. Still, I should probably clean it up a bit next time I want to take pictures.