Thursday, January 20, 2011

Papa's Christmas Gift

I've been meaning to share this one for awhile, but I forgot to get a good picture of it (probably because I only finished it 2 days before Christmas) and it hasn't been at my house. It's been at Papa and Grandma's house , it was my Father's Christmas gift (his name starts with L). I wanted to quilt it in a way that looked very masculine, so I decided on straight lines. My quilter wasn't joking when she told me straight lines were the hardest, oh my goodness this was a pain to quilt! I was desperately running out of time, so I finished up the best I could and told my dad it may need a little TLC work after the holidays are over. Luckily, parents love everything they're children make, no matter how crooked and bunched it is. I do have to say, if you can look past the occasional bunch and pucker, I do really love the straight line quilting look.

Little C enjoying Papa's quilt
(didn't notice she had orange
marker on her hands at
the time!)

P.S. The pattern is called Jelly and Jam by Fig Tree, but of course in true Nancy fashion I had to mess with it a bit. The fabric is Pure by Sweetwater.

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  1. Hi Nancy, Beautiful as always!!! Your dad must have loved it!!!