Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Baby Girl!

Can I still call her that? Baby? Well, that of course is what she will always be to me, and her daddy and her grandparents, and probably her siblings too... the baby in the family. Oh how I love to spoil her. Turning 4 feels like a transition age. 3 is still a baby, but this year she will start preschool, she is a sunbeam at church (she goes to class now, with the cutest little chairs, instead of nursery where they just play the whole time) she has lots of little friends, and she can write her name! I marvel at my children and how well they are growing, with such a couple of imperfect guides as my husband and I (my husband having far superior parenting skills, but still, imperfect just the same). It's our love that has helped them grow so well, not our vast knowledge of child raising. But, all three are truly amazing, teaching us far more about life and what is really important, than we are teaching them. I am so grateful for my children, and especially you today little C! I love you!

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