Monday, August 2, 2010

Pelly Owls

My favorite way to create is to just grab some fabric from my stash and start to cut, no pattern, just purely out of my head. That is how this little pair of owls came to be. I fell in love with this fabric and knew I wanted to have some of it in my daughter's room. So, one Sunday afternoon I grabbed a few fat quarters and began to sew these little owls together. They are incredibly simple to make, just a ball shape with great big eyes and a beak. My daughters named them "Pelly Owls" and threw them around for awhile until I took them back and set them on the self (afraid that my less than perfect stitches would pop).

Surprisingly I did make up a pattern, mostly as an after thought though, so I don't have a complete tutorial with pictures and all that. But like I said, they are so simple to make you should be fine just following my instructions. You can download the pattern pieces HERE!

Supply List

1 fat quarter

contrasting fabric scraps for wings

white and black wool felt


Cut out 3 body pieces. Decide which piece you want for your owls face. Cut 2 eye pieces, 1 beak, and 2 ears out of the wool felt. Using a blanket stitch, stitch on the eyes and the beak to the body piece you choose for the front. Cut 2 wing pieces out of the contrasting fabric. Top stitch the wings onto the front owl piece. I left the edges raw on the wings and even pulled a few threads to unravel them just a bit.

Assemble the body by taking two of the body pieces, placing them right sides together and sewing along one of the vertical seams. Repeat with the third body piece (your face piece) by sewing it to the other two pieces along the vertical seams. Leave two small openings in your sewing on the top of the owls head where you insert the owls ears. Pinch the bottom of the owls ears and insert them, pointed side down, into the small openings and stitch closed. With right sides facing and the edges aligned, pin the base piece to the bottom opening of the body. Make sure it fits well and trim the base piece if necessary. Sew the base piece to the body, leaving a small whole for turning. Turn the whole piece right side out. Stuff your owl and hand stitch the opening closed.