Friday, August 20, 2010

Family Pictures

Being such a "do it yourself-er", and yes an occasional penny pincher, I decided that we would do our family pictures ourselves this year. Turns out sometimes it's ok to hire a bit of help. I think I got about 3 decent shots, mostly of the kids, and not one good one of all of us together (out of the 80 something pictures we took). Perhaps if I knew more about computers, and could work photoshop, I could fix a few. As is, I think I will just take the ones of the kids and try to get a better shot of Bruce and I in a few months.

This one of the kids and their Grandparents (hi mom and dad!) is my favorite! Anyone know how I can insert Bruce and I into the background? (The boy's hair is a little crazy, but he refuses to let me cut it. Perhaps someday he will look back on family pictures and say "gee mom, you were right". I'm not going to hold my breath though)

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