Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kid Craft: Earring Holder

My daughters have had their ears pierced for about a year. I think during that time they've lost at least half of the earrings I've bought them. My youngest is a bit of a magpie and loves to collect and then hide things. I am always finding interesting "treasures" under her bed pillows and stuffed away in little purses and bags.
So I collected all the remaining earrings I could find and we made these little holders to hang on their wall to keep them organized.
I found this super bright and very cheap lace at Walmart.
I glued the lace in place inside the hoop and we added some ribbon to the bottom to hold necklaces.

My girls were a bit young to be much help. I don't trust them with a glue gun yet. But they spent the afternoon dividing up the remainder of their earrings and hanging them in the hoop.

Since we've made these I am happy to say we haven't lost one set of earrings yet! :)