Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Lie-in

(That's some terrible picture quality, sorry!)
In the past I've woken with the kids at 6am on Easter Sunday and pretended to care and be surprised at what the Easter Bunny brought this year.
This Easter morning you know what I did? Slept.
The kids ran into our room to wake us up, super excited that it was Easter morning. I rolled over and half smiled and told The Boy to take a couple pictures. Then started snoring once more. I think they were a bit confused.

(Doctor Who in the background while we dye eggs!)
When I did roll out of bed they were happy and excited to show me their mess of candy wrappers and little toys. I was rested and excited to see it.

(Walmart bag Easter basket... another first this year)
Do I feel guilty about it? No, if anything I'm proud of it! 
As my kids grow their needs change. I am so happy I get a complete full nights sleep every single night. I am thrilled that my kids get up with their alarms and get dressed for school and pour their own bowls of cereal (leaving me time to jump in the shower at a reasonable hour). We share books, we like the same movies (no more Finding Nemo for the 111th time), and heck, me and the boy even wear the same shoe size now (ha ha, though I won't let him borrow my pumps!) 
11 years later I think I've earned a lie-in Easter Sunday. I'm proud of it!
P.S. Christmas morning is a different story. The whole family's up at 5am, loving every minute of it!

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