Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bathroom Makeover

I thought I'd just quickly show you a project I worked on over the Winter. Sorry for the iphone camera shots, I wasn't paying much attention.
I needed something to keep myself occupied in doors so I decided on a little home improvement.
My guest bath before... boring. 
(Painting tip: cover surfaces with Glad Press and Seal, worked like a charm!)


My guest bath after...

I had never done wallpaper before. There were quite a few little mistakes but with the help of this curtain they are mostly hidden from view. In the end it turned out and kept me busy inside during a major snow storm that day.
I love having such an elegant little room in the house. I threaten the kids daily to keep it clean ;) 

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  1. Your lighting fixture is very remarkable! Light gives life to any space and may or may not break the interior design. What I like about your new light fixture though is that it also makes a wonderful decor. With just one addition, it created a new feel to your bathroom!