Sunday, April 21, 2013


I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful and inspiring quilt shop 10 minutes from my house.

Being able to handle the fabric and physically put projects together is so much nicer than buying online.

Recently my favorite quilt shop, Pine Needles, changed locations and expanded it's store.
The children's area is invaluable and certainly encourages me spend more time there, which translates to "spend more money there" :)

I also recently switched out my sewing room from this instead...
I lost my own sewing space but my daughter gained her own room. She's growing up. 
So now my local quilt shop has become even more important as a place to be inspired and creative.
And what is inspiring me right now? Travel...countries I've never been to but hope to travel to someday. Is that surprising after been cooped up inside all Winter? 


  1. Oh such a beautiful shop!!! I am so envious....we have no shops anywhere near us.....such an inspiration !!!

  2. That shop does look rather beautiful.....

  3. Are they still in Gardner's Village? This proves to me it's been too long since I went up there!!

  4. Yes they're are still in Gardner Village. They moved to a larger building across from Country Furniture.