Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Reading

The last day of school was Friday! I set up a little surprise for the kids when they walked in the door. Each of them got a new book, gummy worms, a squirt gun water "thingy" (they were called Max Liquidators) and a summer reading packet. Every summer we participate in a few different summer reading programs. This year we are doing the library's as well as Barns and Noble (earn a free book!) and of course "Mommy's Reading Program" where I give the kids treats if they are reading like they should. (I'm using THIS printable of the bingo card to inspire them). This year I put all their summer reading program sheets into a large envelope to keep them together. I hate to brag but my kids LOVE to read. Often I'll find my two oldest sitting in their room quietly reading. I think my husband and I did two things right when it comes to instilling a love of reading in our kids. First we read outloud to them every night as well as played audio of books in our home and made up lots of silly stories together. And second, our kids saw us reading and enjoying books everyday.  

Sorry about the terribly blurry picture below but I had about 3 seconds to snap a quick shot before the kids came in. Anyway, you get the idea. Feel free to click on the picture above and print off your own book worm (gummy worm) bag toppers.

Luckily he did wait until I put down the camera to completely soak me, head to toe!

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