Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Review: With Fabric and Thread

Oh my, this is such a pretty book! I lost myself in the beautiful patterns and fabrics but also in Joanna's introduction of the book, where she tells the story of how she got into quilting and fabric design. Chapter 1, titled "My Story" is all about her creative journey. From her first art and sewing projects as a child to her discovery of quilting and being discovered by MODA. It was a very sweet and inspiring story. Chapter 2 and 3 are titled "Basics of Quiltmaking" and "Basics of Sewing, a section I usually skip through in most quilting books, but was stuffed full of Joanna's helpful hints and tricks. Chapter 4 is titled "Creating a Color Story" where she teaches you all about color selection and her signature style she calls "fresh vintage".

The rest of the book is devoted to 22 fantastic projects. As with all quilt/sewing books, I don't see myself making every single project. I don't love buying books for that reason. It seems more cost effective to purchase a 10$ pattern I know I will make rather that a 30$ book for one or two favorite projects. I have to admit that with some books it seems to me like the designer has filled it with her "leftover" projects, things that probably wouldn't sell well on there own. I don't think that is the case with this book though. There are the more simple projects like the flower buttons, basket liners, placemats and pillow covers that you can find anywhere, but there is also 3 very pretty quilt patterns as well as a table runner, apron, 3 different bags, and some adorable slipper booties.

At a US price of 24.99$ I think this book is worth it. Even more so because I picked mine up for free at my local library! (Check with your library and see if you can reserve books online. My library system, Salt Lake County Library, has tons of the lastest quilting and sewing books to check out. They are pretty popular and hardly on the selves, but by jumping online I can reserve a book and they will notify me when it's avalible. They'll even send it to my local branch!). That being said though, I like this book so much I'm going out to buy it! I can't wait to pick out 9 of my favorite reds to make the quilt pictured above.

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  1. Nancy ......... you are really talented and I miss seeing you at Pine Needles. I also loved With Fabric and Thread and feel the same way about books. I have quite a library and seldom use any of them. I better rethink purchasing them and look at checking them out of the library instead.
    Take care!