Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Favorite 4th of July Finds

Time to throw together some quick ideas for the 4th! With the heat and the fun of summer, I don't have time for anything extravagant. I think I'll be able to pull together these ideas at the last minute though.

This first one we tired out the other day for a mid afternoon snack and it was delicious! Definitely doing this again. Just pop some white chocolate chips inside some fresh raspberries and enjoy.

I LOVE this adorable shirt! So quick and easy! I found this idea off Pinterest HERE.

Ok, when I first saw this I was a little frightened... glow in the dark food?! It's actually just cotton candy wrapped around a glow stick! It would be fun to spin your own cotton candy but I'll probably just buy it made and pop it on a glow stick.

This drink would make a big impact but all you do is layer drinks with different sugar contents. The most sugar, and the heaviest, goes first (red fruit punch) next Gatorade and then sprite or even diet sprite. I really love the little star shaped ice cubes too.

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