Friday, June 29, 2012

Fairy Garden

Today I made a fairy garden with my girls. I thought I'd share the cute pictures with you!

The boy was at Cub Scout camp all day so this was the perfect time to make something extra girly.

We spent the morning painting the little houses. I picked up a couple inexpensive bird houses at my local craft store and had my husband cut the holes into doors. I like that they turned out with a little keyhole shape.
(notice the little pillows and tiny hairbrush we left for the lucky fairy who moves in)

My favorite part has got to be the little bathtub (borrowed from our Littlest Pet Shop animals). I wish I was small enough to move in!

After we got our houses all painted I took the girls to the home improvement store to pick out their favorite flowers. I taught the girls how to plant their flowers and instructed them on how to take care of them. Then we decorated our garden with pretty stones, sea shells, a mirror taken from an old compact, and my contribution... the little fabric bunting.

The girls have been checking their garden regularly for fairies. I keep reminding them that they are very hard to see and you may just mistake them for an actual flower!

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