Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines Day Craft {Heart Pockets}

We do a lot of little crafts at our house. My kids love them and it's my way of interacting with the kids without having to come up with conversations between a Barbie and a stuffed dog (which I notice the older I get the harder it is to imagine things for Barbie to say. How was it I could play with my dolls for hours as a little girl?) The key to kids crafts is simple, simple, simple. I didn't always follow that rule. I used to get overly excited and create projects that were way to complicated and expensive. It finally occured to me that even though I may have spent my childhood glueing cottonballs to construction paper and find it incredibly boring now a days, my kids haven't grown tired of it yet. They love to be able to do projects themselves...the simpler the better.

So even though this project is an oldie, it's a goodie. My girls were excited to see it laid out for them when they got home from school, they enjoyed putting it together and from start to finish we spent about 15 minutes, which was 15 minutes of one on one time with a mom who was relaxed, happy and not overly concerned with the constuction of our project.
I gathered all my supplies from good ol' Walmart. Red paper plates, a bit of ribbon, a stapler is nice and some stickers, paper hearts, and glue.
To make the heart pocket, fold 2 paper plates in half and slide one inside the other. Staple the bottom of your heart together and the top, one staple on each side so your heart pocket can open up to store Valentines inside.
Then we stapled some ribbon to each side so it can hang on a door knob or a little shoulder. Decorate your heart with stickers, glitter, dollie hearts, or markers.
Fill it up with Valentines and treats for your friends and you're all set! Simple.