Monday, February 20, 2012

Bathroom Mirror Inspiration

My mom always keeps reminders on her bathroom mirror. She's been doing it all my life. I've walked into her bathroom before and seen whole lists of groceries, errands, reminders for my Dad, as well as quotes and inspiration. It's a great place to put a reminder because it's the first place you look in the morning (well, maybe the second place, the first place I look is into the big eyes of my 5 year old staring at me while I sleep). I know a lot of people now a days keep their calendars, lists and reminders on their phones, laptops, etc. ... but I am still a sticky note on the bathroom mirror kind of girl.

I've decided to share with you my bathroom mirror inspirations for the weeks ahead. These little quotes strike a cord with me in some way. I'm not going to offer a "printable" for these quotes, but you can still feel free to save them and print them out for your own bathroom mirror if you'd like.

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  1. awww,thats sweet. my mom used to have a chalk board that... my nan does the same thing tho