Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Favorite Fabrics

One of the little perks I got to experience while working for a quilt shop was the occasional glimpse at upcoming fabric. I quickly discovered who my favorite designers were, and which ones weren't for me. It was a lot of fun anticipating all the beautiful fabric, and it was especially fun watching the UPS man pull up outside the shop and hoping "today's the day!"

One of the ways I got to check out upcoming fabric was through the Moda fabric catalogs that would come back from market. I'd look through them and tell myself I was trying to memorize the fabric lines in case a customer had a question or wanted to know what lines were due out soon, but really I just LOVED looking at all the fabric. Since I quit my job I've missed feeling like I had my little toe in the door, like I was an "insider". The other day while I was shopping I seriously considered asking my old co-workers if I could have a peek at the new catalogs.

So... imagine my suprise today as I was browsing around and came across their latest fabric catalogs! Maybe they have been up for awhile and I've just missed it (usually the case) but I was super excited. You can look through pages and pages of little fabric swatches that will be coming out throughout the year. If you have the next hour or so to devote to pouring over beautiful fabrics, go check them out HERE. My favorite lines were...

Hello Luscious by Basicgrey (all those beautiful blues) Feb. 2012
Summersville by Lucie Summers (super fun and different) April 2012
Blitzen by Basicgrey (cute big headed snowmen and gorgeous colors) June 2012
Joy by Kate Spain (love the panel) June 2012
Cherry Christmas by Aneela Hoey (little winter clothes on a line) July 2012
Monster Bash by Sandy Gervais (the kids will LOVE it) May 2012
Serenade by Kate Spain (the owl and woodgrain prints)
Lucy's Crab Shack by Sweetwater (favorite!) June 2012
and of course...
Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille (I'll be buying lots!) May 2012

I'm fully aware that perhaps these catalogs have been available to the public all along and I wasn't so special after all, but I'm pretty excited to have found them again. And in case you were unaware that they exsisted... enjoy!

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