Friday, February 17, 2012

Printing on fabric

*Don't use your printed fabric on anything washable, unless you use a colorfast ink in your printer, the ink will bleed. *

Using my cheap ink jet printer I printed these sweet little labels to use as gift tags. The first time I tried it I backed my fabric with freezer paper, but the fabric didn't adhere well and it slipped off, causing a bunchy mess of fabric jammed inside my printer (shh... don't tell the husband). I don't recommend that method. The second time I used Heat n Bond Ultrahold and they turned out great. Of course now my fabric is fusible, which could be a plus I guess, depending on the project.
All you have to do is cut a piece of Heat n Bond the size of a piece of paper ( 8.5 X 11). If you have an extra fancy printer I suppose you can do it larger. Whatever size your printer will hold. You then iron that to piece of fabric roughly the same size. I like to cut my fabric just a little larger than the Heat n Bond and then trim the extra. It's easier than trying to get it perfect and you don't gunk up your iron if you are off a little bit.
After that you just run it through your printer like a regular piece of paper.
A sheet of cute little labels...
Cut them out...
And iron on (after the ink has dried completely)...
*Please excuse the Christmas stocking pictures, I know Christmas is the very LAST thing we are all thinking of right now. Personally I am dreaming of the hot hot sunshine on my shoulders and flip flops. Trust me, I'm not being extra prepared by getting my Christmas already done for next year... these were supposed to be finished last Christmas. *

To be honest I tried this method because I didn't want to bother with embroidering everyone's name onto their stocking. In the end I think it turned out cute, and much quicker.