Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sewing For Children - owl pillow pattern and tutorial

One of the greatest compliments I ever recieved was from my little P. P and her friend were running wild through the house playing their games and as they passed by the door to the "office" (my sewing room) her friend stopped and asked "what is your mom doing?" (I was sitting at my sewing machine working on a quilt). P replied "Oh, she's making things. My mom's REALLY good at making things." Then the two of them ran off to contiune their play, while I was left with a very sweet moment to ponder and cherish. What more could I ask as a mother? My daughter is proud to tell her little friend about what I do.

I really enjoy making things for my children. It is so much nicer than buying toys at the store. Where is the love in that? I feel like my children appreicate what I make them as well. They watch anxiously as the little stuffed animals, quilts and clothing I have promised to them come together. I think that, even at their young age, they do notice the TIME I spent on their gift, and to a child TIME equals LOVE.

I am not a perfect mother. My children are three handfuls, and I have not yet mastered how to raise them with only 2 hands. I get sad and frustrated on a daily basis. I fall back on sewing as a way to escape. But when I sew for my Children I am not just doing their laundry, washing their dishes, or picking up their toys, I am creating something for them that is a lasting reminder of how much I really do love them.

I encourage you to make something for a child in your life. Why not start with these cute owl pillows? I am so glad I snapped a couple quick pictures before I gave them to the kids. Soon after I let them have their owls they took them outside and now they are very loved and very dirty. Awesome FREE pattern and tutorial for Owl Pillow HERE!

The kids "helping" me stuff their owl pillows :)