Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making A Rolled Pillowcase

The boy has been home from school the past few weeks. He goes to a year round school and they are on a track system. He is "off track" right now... which means he's home, and bored, and forgeting all the important things he learned while he was "on track" (I don't like year round school much).

While the kids are home I try and find things to entertain them, especially in the winter. This was our project for today... a pillowcase. I made him do the whole thing, including (gasp!) using my sewing machine! He was a little angry at first because he had to turn off the video games, but it only took about 45 minutes (perfect for his attention span) and in the end he said it was "cool".

It is pretty neat to see how it quickly transforms from a rolled tube to a comfy pillowcase. This turned out to be a great first sewing project for a 9 year old boy. There's a tutorial HERE! that shows how easy a rolled pillowcase is to make.