Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This Family's Electric Run

Over the summer The Boy participated in a track program. He did really well. Because of his ADHD I think it works well for him because it's one sport that he doesn't really need to concentrate on but instead just run until he's all out of energy. As a sort of reward for a great track season I signed the family up for a 5k called the Electric Run.
We had an amazingly fun time! The kids called it the "best night of our lives!!!"

We came home with dozens of free glow sticks!

And in the end it was a pretty big party! That night they were filming an episode of The Bachelor. We got to participate in the fun of that and at one point along the race route P got to give Juan Pablo a fist bump and a kiss on the cheek. I'm so totally jealous! :)

We are definitely doing this race again when it comes to town! I loved that we were able to show the kids how being healthy and active can be so much fun! Later that night I reminded The Boy of this and pointed out that there was no drinking, no drugs, and yet we had a really awesome time and partied way past bed time :)