Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tea Party

Recently my girls hosted a tea party for their friends. They had so much fun with this! P got really excited, making pretty invitations, having everyone wear their fanciest dresses and whipping up a batch of sugar cookies before the party. We also served these super yummy ice cream bars...

My favorite was the Royal Dark but the girls agreed they liked the English Toffee best. I wasn't expecting these ice cream bars to be soooo yummy. The chocolate coating was super thick! Yeah... I might have finished off the box of dark chocolate myself.

Most of the girls hadn't tried tea before. P chose mint herbal tea (which is my favorite). I had some lemonade on hand for those who didn't like it :)

Everyone dressed in their finest and on their best behavior.

Thank you Blue Bunny Ice Cream and Cadbury for providing such a fun party for my girls! I'm off to the store for more dark chocolate!

This post is part of a compensated campaign with Blue Bunny Ice Cream and Mom Select. All opinions are my own.