Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Isn't getting away for just a night so refreshing! My husband is an attorney and needed to visit to courthouse in St. George Utah, about a 4 hour drive from home. The kids and I decided to tag along.
I took a bunch of pictures of our little trip on my new favorite thing, Instagram.

We spent the night in Mesquite, Nevada. It's about 30 minutes outside St. George but the hotel rooms are super cheap, I'm sure to try and  get you to spend your money gambling instead. The one time Bruce and I thought we'd try our hand at gambling a few years ago we lost 5$ in 15 seconds and realized what a complete waste!

Our room at the Casablanca Resort and Casino was about what you'd expect from a 40$ a night room in a tiny NV town but the kids thought it was fantastic. The pool, water slide and extra bouncy beds were worth the money.
Afterwards we headed back to Utah and into beautiful St. George. I love this town! We spent a winter in Ivins Utah when Bruce was fresh out of law school. It was hard to leave.
While daddy did his thing in the air conditioned courthouse we explored the red cliffs in gloriously hot 102 degree weather.

On our way home we stopped at Cove Fort. I didn't get any instagram pictures :( but it was a perfect little rest stop on our way home. The tour lasted about an hour, the friendly tour guide gave our kids a little souvenir pioneer toy to take home and overall it was very interesting. Next time your driving through the middle of nowhere in Utah I suggest you stop. I do have to say I wish there had been a gift shop, I could have used a big icy soda at this point in the drive!

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