Monday, July 1, 2013

Our June

June 2013 may go down as one of the funnest months in history for our kids, and we went to Disneyland in May! I was so excited for summer to start this year I haven't been able to stay inside.
We've been so busy I couldn't possible post all our June pictures here. Curious about how we spend our summer? Follow me on Instagram at nanfran1. 
June started off with this little girls first ever dance recital. Poor little C had been working so hard on her dance and the morning of her big day she woke up sick. She's such a trooper and performed anyway!

Daddy makes her feel a little better.
I got the family water park passes again this year. Not a week has gone by we haven't gone at least once. I'm getting an awesome tan! :)
The Boy has been busy with track and field 3 days a week. Today I watched him run his heart out in 103 degree temperature!
Have you tried the free kids projects they offer at Lowes and Home Depot stores? We had a lot of fun one Saturday morning making wooden Monster U boxes, after watching the movie at the theater the day before. 

I've rediscovered this year that P loves to climb. She was a climber as a baby and scared me to death. At least now she wears a safety harness.

We finally took out P's Christmas present for some target practice last Saturday. Guess what? I actually hit the target! Ok, we did have it set pretty close for the kids.

Besides taking the kids out on adventures everyday, I also finished a quilt top!
I used all the blues, grays, and greens from Happy Go Lucky by Timble Blossoms.
I'm currently working on another one with all the colors from this line for my mom. They are building a home right now and I'm trying hard to get it done before they move in next month... oh wait, no! This month! June went by so quickly!
In the month of June Bruce and I also celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! We spent one very lovely evening at the Grand America hotel in Downtown Salt Lake City.

13 incredibly lucky years with this handsome man!

My Mr. Franson :) Goofing off at the shops around town.
There are so many other adventures we've had this month but these are my favorites. Above all else it's just been so nice to relax and spend time with my babies. I hope July passes a little slower!


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