Monday, September 24, 2012

The creepiest room in the house

Every year my kids tell me that my Halloween decorations are too cute and that I need to make the house look scarier. To make them happy I decided I would take one room and make it extra spooky. I love the way it turned out!
I picked the guest bath downstairs, because lets face it, we all feel a little extra vulnerable in the bathroom. In total I spent about 10$ at the dollar store and 3$ for some prints at Costco.
I tried to go with an Edgar Allen Poe theme with the book and the ravens, but I also created these silhouettes to hang in some cheap frames that are actually set on top of pages from Tell-Tale Heart.
Just right click on each picture and save to your computer. I printed off my silhouettes at Costco and they turned out great!
My favorite part is the raven's quote...
My kids were pretty pleased with how it turned out. When the lights are off and the little mini strobe light behind the skull flashes they use the bathrooms upstairs :)

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