Friday, September 28, 2012

A Wickedly Easy Little Pillow

I'm going to eat my words a little bit here. I've tried printing on fabric before and the freezer paper that I used jammed my printer and made me angry, so I suggested using heat n bond. But I decided to give it another try and it worked! Not sure what, if anything, I did different but this time it worked wonderfully.
So in order to create this wicked little pillow all I did was pick out a font on the computer and chose a Halloween word. Some other words I played around with were "spooky" "fright" and even "October 31". I liked "Wicked" the best.
Cut a piece of fabric 8.5 X 11 inches and a piece of freezer paper 8.5 X 11 inches. Adhear the fabric to the freezer paper by ironing it to the waxy side of the freezer paper. The freezer paper will stick to the fabric well enough to go through the printer but peel off cleanly after it's been printed.
Peel the freezer paper off the fabric. I trimmed up my fabric a little bit to the size I wanted my pillow to be. Cut a piece of fabric for the back the same size as your front.

Now sew the two pieces together and leave a little hole in the bottom to stuff your pillow. Stitch up your hole when you are finished.




  1. This looks great, I've only ever used expensive paper to do this before, will definately try this

  2. Hi Nancy: This is a neat little craft. I also like your choice of pattern for the reverse side. I guess freezer paper is the same as butcher paper? Where did you buy yours?

  3. Sweet! Adore your Wickedness!! Thank you so much for your information...definitely storing in my have to try pile!