Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spider Web Table Topper TUTORIAL

Believe it our not this is a super easy table topper that makes a big impact. It's just strips cut at an angle to make that spider web look!
I made 2 sizes, one fits nicely on my table as a table topper and the other would make a prefect candle mat. It's easy to adjust the size of the spider web by adding more or less strips. I think my little googly eyed spiders are happy to have such a cool web to hang at :)
To start you'll need six 2 1/2 inch X width of fabric (about 44in) strips. Sew your strips of fabric together like you see I've done below. Press all your seems to one side.
Most quilting rulers have a 60 degree angle line on the ruler. Your going to use this line to cut out 6 triangles. Like you see I've done below, lay your long strips of fabric out on a cutting mat and line the top edge with the 60 degree mark on your ruler.
A little clearer picture of that 60 degree angle...
Now using you rotary cutter, cut one side of your triangle at a 60 degree angle.
Now turn your ruler and line up the 60 degree line with the side you just cut. (see picture below) As you cut your second triangle you'll notice now that the triangle is flipped so that the longer bottom of the triangle (black with bats in my case) is now the point and the green circles will be the longer bottom on the triangle. See the next picture after this one if that seems confusing...
Cut out 6 of these triangles. If you are using 2 inch X WOF strips then you should be able to easily get 6 triangles. If you increase the size of each strip you'll need to increase the length of each strip. For instance, I wanted a larger table topper for my dining room table so I increase each of my 6 strips from 2 inches to 4 inches, but then I needed twice as much length so I ended up sewing two strips of fabric together end to end to make them long enough to get 6 triangles.
Lay your triangles out like you see I've done in these pictures. Start by sewing together the 3 top and then the 3 bottom.
Now sew the top 3 and the bottom 3 together in the middle.
Open it up and press and you'll have something that looks like this...
You can now quilt and bind your table topper using your favorite method. This is a perfect project to practice quilting yourself on your own machine. See THIS POST for tips on how to do that.
As you can see I made 2 different sizes. For the smaller size I only used 4 strips instead of 6. Make sure that you use an even amount of strips (4,6,8...). If you use an odd number you will end up with a middle strip that doesn't alternate when you rotate each triangle.


  1. What a great tutorial! I'm going into that Halloween fabric stash and make some of these today! Love when photos are included in the guts for us visual learners.

    1. Terrific tutorial, love the table toppers. I am also a visual learner.

  2. What a great tutorial! I'm going into that Halloween fabric stash and make some of these today! Love when photos are included in the guts for us visual learners.

  3. exactly the pattern I was looking for. Can't wait to try it out.

    1. Just be sure to use the 2" size strips if making the large one.

  4. Please correct your pattern. I read the first part where you said to cut 6 fabrics 2 1/2" by the width of the fabric. Being an avid quilter, I should have read the directions to the end, but I didn't, so that's my fault. 6 fabrics at 2 1/2" will only make 5 strips. Later on it says 2"...I corrected it by sewing the beginning and ending half triangles together to make the 6th triangle, so all the pie shaped pieces will now have a row of stitching up the middle, but it would help if the first mention was to use a 2" strip. Its very clever and cute, so thank you for the idea.