Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Very Special Day

We recently celebrated a very special day for my 8 year old daughter "P". She was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

8 years old is such a sweet age. I am enjoying my daughter at this age more than I ever have. P is still a innocent child and yet I see her starting to grow up. She very much wants to be my friend, she wants to "grow up to be just like mommy", but she is also developing ideas of her own, which is so fun to watch. She loves animals more than people, wants to be a veterinarian/artist when she grows up, and I have seriously started researching "meatless" meal ideas for that day when she finally tells me she won't eat my hamburgers anymore. She is a prefect student and really enjoys school. She can be a bit shy but has lots of little BFF's and loves to make people laugh. Her favorite time is family time and I'm hoping I can make that last for many more years. And lastly, I also see her testimony of Christ starting to form. She is very curious and wants to always do what is right. She is such a joy in my life!

Our forever family...
Little P and her daddy...

I made a few simple decorations for a luncheon at our house after the baptism. Lots of P's family and friends were there to celebrate with her.
Feel free to copy these and use them for your special 8 year old...

I also purchased some inexpensive paper doilies from my local party store to decorate the table with.
For my hanging decorations I just sewed down the middle of a stack of 6 doilies and then spread them out to create a "ball"...

As a special gift for P we got her her own set of LDS scriptures and I made her this little quilted scripture case to go with it. I am hoping to get a tutorial together for it soon!


  1. Congrats to Miss "P"! My girl is turning 8 in June and I am looking for ideas :) Thank you very much for sharing your sweet decor, everything looks lovely! I am planing to have enough daisies on my little garden to decorate the table. I am going to use paper doilies too, but to make cupcake liners. And I sure I will use some of your printables. Thanks again for the ideas.
    Ana Paula.

  2. Don't be surprised when in 2 months you see this ALL replicated by yours truly. I loved it! Your house looked so beautiful and peaceful, it was a clear picture of what that day should be. It was beautiful. Thanks for letting us be a part of it. Olivia already told me that she LOVES P's scripture bag and wants one JUST like it. Guess I better break out my sewing machine sooner than later, especially since Abby's owl pillows have been cut and pinned and sitting on my counter for the last month.

  3. Thanks so much, to both of you! It turned out to be a wonderful day. P felt so special and loved. Jessica, perhaps we need to get together for a "sewing" night out :)

  4. My oldest turns 8 this year too. I can't believe it's already here. It seems like just yesterday she was in my tummy. Thank you for sharing your special day. WE are looking very forward to ours. :)

  5. These are such beautiful ideas!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I don't know if you will get this, but I was hoping to see if you have a printable for a boy's baptism as well??? My son and my neice are getting baptized on the same day and we love your girl printable but can't find anything for a boy. If you could help you would be an angel.