Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Very Colorful Day...

We found this amazing butterfly enjoying our flowers this morning. It was the perfect opportunity to teach the kids about endangered species and how we need to protect them.

Chloe's very colorful masterpiece.

My first attempt at making homemade playdough. I never considered myself the homemade playdough type of mom, but it was super easy! Much easier than running to the store with all 3 kids in tow, pushing them along through the toy isle, having to stop every few steps and hear how their little lives are so incomplete without these many wonderful toys, and then probably over spending on a bunch of other stuff I don't really need.

Homemade playdough. Here's how we did it...

1 cup flour

1 cup water

2 teaspoon cream of tarter

1 teaspoon oil

1/4 cup salt

food coloring

I had all this in my pantry, which was such a pleasant surprise. I have no idea why I had the cream of tarter, I don't think I've ever used it for anything.

Mix all the ingredients (except the food coloring) in a medium saucepan until it's smooth. Stir constantly over medium heat until it forms a ball (about 1-2 minutes).
Let the playdough cool and form it into a ball. Then cut it into equal sections (however many colors you want).

For fun I then put each section in a sandwich baggie with a few drops of food coloring and let the kids squish it up until it is all colorful.

The kids thought it was genius, magical, amazing. "Mom can MAKE playdough!"