Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is P. She is my Kindergartner. Oh how I love my little P! I know a mother is not supposed to have favorites... Oh that's horrible, I don't play favorites with my children, what are you thinking! :)
P is a tiny, spunky, quick witted little 6 year old. Think of the personality of a fairy... that's P to a tee! She loves all things pretty and sparkly, she can be generous and loving, and she is in charge! Her favorite things are making others laugh, giving hugs, and correcting people.

If I had to pick a career for P when she grows up I would put her as the favorite to take over her daddy's law firm someday (she is incredibly smart) or to do something big, like starting her own zoo or saving endangered animals, she loves animals.
Yesterday as we were driving down the road to meet daddy for a lunch date, we drove by a cemetary. Two days after memorial day and it was still looking beautiful, with flowers set at every grave (I've always thought cemetaries to be some of the most beautiful places, is that weird?). As we were driving by P remarked on all the flowers, and being in a weird mood I asked her if she would put flowers on my grave when I died (we talk about death a lot, the kids always have lots of questions about it, something I never anticipated before I had kids). She assured me she would and then asked what would I do if she died first. I pretended to be totally shocked at the idea, like I had never heard such a thing before, and told her I would put flowers on her grave every day and would want her to be a ghost and haunt me every night (weird, I know, my kids love this sort of talk though, fanciful, imaginitive, strange...). Her response brought tears to my eyes and I was at a loss for words, all I could do was give her one of the great big hugs she loves so much; "Mommy, I would rather be an angel so I could hug you every morning"

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