Friday, June 4, 2010

Our baby...

Last, but not least, it's C! C is 3 years old. She is our baby girl, she'll always be our baby girl. I probably spoil her a bit, but it is my last one and they grow up so quickly.

If P is a little fairy, then C is the princess. She is sweet and kind and loves people. She has started to make some little friends who she loves to play with everyday. 7am every morning "can I go play with...?" I wish that I could say that I have one child who takes after me, but no. I guess that is not a bad thing, I was shy and quite, my kids are playful, friendly and loud. They take after their daddy, who I love more than anything, so it's good.

I think C will be our family Geneologist someday. C's favorite thing to do right now is to ask me if I want to hear a story. This is how her stories go, "Once apon a time there was a Mommy, Daddy, Me, 'P', 'I', Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, Grandma Charlotte..." and then she proceeds to name all the people she knows or has ever meet, cousins, Aunt, Uncles, EVERYONE. She is careful to get everyone's name right and makes sure she doesn't leave anyone out. It can go on for awhile. Once she has named everyone... The End! C loves people.

C is old enough to start preschool this year but I am going to keep her home. Next year she can start school, but this year I am looking forward to some quality time with me and my baby ("P" starts 1st grade and "I" will be in 3rd). I feel like this is the end of the baby years for me, one last year for strollers, nap times and sippy cups, and then she'll go to preschool and our lives will start a new chapter.

This is the last of my three greatest creations. They are what I am most proud of! I owe so much of what I have and the mother I am to my husband. Without his love and support (both emotionally and financially) I could not have this life or be the person I am. And though I am not spotlighting him, I hope he knows how important he is in our family too and how grateful I am for him in my life.

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