Friday, February 21, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I thought I'd give you a summary in pictures of what we have been up to the past 6 months so we are all caught up. Despite my last post, where I claim to only be doing a whole lot of house work during the day and nothing else, we really have been the busy family we always have been.

A little blurry, sorry. Sometime I like to just take a picture of my kids room when they are clean, because it is an amazing and rare sight.

The kids had to say goodbye to their first beloved pet, our little rat, Chrysanthemum :(

The Boy turned 12 and celebrated with his best friend at the new LEGO store grand opening.

 Our last minute Halloween costumes. I borrowed the shirt from The Boy.
 I liked Bruce's costume as Walter White better.

 I crocheted 2 Rainbow Dash hats for the girls for Christmas.

We took the kids to their first theater experience to see A Christmas Carol.

Christmas morning, everyone with their new hats and toys ready to go to Grandma's house.

The Boy got a Sonic Screwdriver, just like The Doctor. Probably his second favorite gift, behind the new Kindle Fire.

In 2014 I decided we would have family only birthday parties and continue on doing an every other year system for large parties with friends. This didn't stop me from making it fun for her though, it just simplifies my life a bit more.

And lastly I'll end with C's dance recital. She did great!
Well, now we are all up to speed, right?
Yeah, there is a bunch in between. My kids are the smartest and cutest kids in the whole school, my husband is the greatest lawyer that ever lived and I never forget to make dinner in the evenings and end up making bowls of cereal for everyone (one of those isn't completely true). 

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