Sunday, June 9, 2013

Simple Disneyland Countdown

In order to countdown until the days we left on our Disneyland vacation, I made a SIMPLE countdown paper chain for the kids. There are 2 things I liked about our countdown. First, every chain had a fun fact about Disneyland so the kids could learn a little bit about the place where we were going. My kids are getting older and it's fun to see how interested they are in trivia. As we walked along Main Street Disneyland they would remember the things we learned leading up to the trip and get excited to tell me all about it. I got most of my facts from THIS SITE.  
The second thing I liked about our countdown is that it didn't look like this....
You can find these HEREHERE, HERE  
Whoa, they have some serious time on their hands. Ok, those are all super cute and I took inspiration from each, they are the reason I even considered doing a countdown in the first place. But faced with such time consuming crafty cuteness I was intimidated. So I scrapped those ideas, printed off a clipart Mickey, some facts on colored sheets of paper and called it good.
In the weeks leading up to our trip P had to do a book report at school on a famous artist. A fun idea before a Disney vacation is to have your kids read this little chapter book... 
Find it HERE
They really enjoyed it.
And lastly I found this gem on my husband phone this morning, I forgot he took this photo. I thought it was a pretty good one considering the heat that day!

Alright, I'll be done with the family vacation photos for now :) Thanks for putting up with me!

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