Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
Feel free to use this printable for the great Pop's in your life.

My husband claims that being a dad is cake compared to being a mom. This is completely untrue of course. What about the many, many times I've called him at work asking him to come home early because "I just can't anymore" and he showed up soon after with a bag of take out food.
Or the times I've rolled over at 2am and said "it's your turn", even though it really wasn't, and he got up anyway.
Or the times when there was 2 minutes left in the game and he turned it off to tuck the kids into bed.
Or the fact that I can't handle the post puke clean-up so I bathe the kid while he cleans up the mess.
Or all those times when he's put in a full day of work and I'm waiting, car keys in hand, in the drive way to take off as soon as he comes home.
Or when he's carried all 3 kids at the same time up to bed... because he's just that strong! :)
Or like last night when he took them to the store to buy my dads gift because I dropped the ball, and left me home alone to relax... and I know he spent extra time walking around the store just to keep them out a little longer. And even though I'm home alone he sends me little texts and pictures of the kids because he understands that just because I'm not there it doesn't me I don't love them and miss them.
Or all the times that he's played with them, disciplined them, read to them, cleaned up after them, fed them, washed them, and hugged them... and all the times that he's wanted to be doing that but has been at work instead, providing for them.

Dads are amazing, dads are strong, dads are needed and dads are very loved... everyday.

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