Saturday, January 12, 2013


Have I mentioned before that we are a scouting family? I don't think I have. Which is strange since all 5 of us our involved in scouting. My husband is the leader for the 11 year old Boy Scouts in our area and my son started Cub Scouts at age 8 and now goes with his dad and all the other 11 year old's every week. Next weekend they are supposed to go a winter camp and spend the night in a cabin (thank goodness it's not a snowcave!) in these freezing temperatures. And I am the assistant Girl Scout leader for 2 troops, little C's Daisy troop and P's Brownie troop.

Today is the official day to start selling Girl Scout cookies. I was a little late on the draw and with 2 large troops in our area most of our neighborhood has been thoroughly combed already. I'm hoping to get a good response from coworkers and family. With 2 girls selling I'm already on the hook for 40$ worth of cookies, haha! I guess we'll be eating Girl Scout cookies for awhile. Actually, never mind that, they're so good I don't think they'll last long in this house!

If any locals would like to place an order, let me know! We'll be selling for the next 2 weeks and delivering cookies the last week in February. Yay Scouts!

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