Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend Update

I haven't blogged this whole week. I refrain from making promises or goals about how often I'll blog because frankly I know I'll break them, and then we'll both be disappointed. This was a great week though! I've been super busy lately so besides a bit of fabric shopping for this gorgeous stuff, I haven't done much "creatively".

We are in the middle of soccer (and flag football) season at our house right now. Both my girls are playing on teams this season and P (picture below) won her first game today! She's the only girl on her team but she doesn't let that intimidate her. Actually, I think she's kind of lovin' it!
(this picture was taken on a beautiful Saturday, unlike today where I stood out in the rain and hail wishing the ref would just call the game already!)

And last Saturday my son scored his first touchdown in flag football! Unfortunately his daddy was at his daughter's soccer game at the time (schedule conflict) and I was quite nervous to tell him he missed it.

And lastly, this week my husband and I had more fun than we've had in a long time at this concert...

The Black Keys

I'm a huge fan! Yes, I quilt, I'm a soccer mommy, I'm a mormon, and I LOVE rock n' roll! I snagged my husband by playing guitar for him when we were dating (and teaching him a few songs). He was hooked.

Right now were are off to see the Avengers with the kid-o's. A fun way to end a pretty good week!

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