Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jeans to Shorts, a list of "fun" tutorials

Today you can find me at my sewing table tackling the boring job of turning our last year jeans into shorts for the summer. I'd much rather be sewing a quilt, but this is a job that needs to be done. To make me feel better about it, I searched out some favorite "Jeans to Shorts" tutorials to share. These tutorials are all creative and different in some way, making a not so fun job into something a bit more enjoyable.

Knot No-Hem Capri Pants Crafty Critique Also one for adults!

Mommy and Me (two pairs of shorts from ONE pair of pants!) Naptime Crafters

Re-purposing boy pants (with tutorial for the cool pocket) Make it and Love it

Love the ruffle one these from Secrets of a Super Mommy

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  1. Thanks for sharing my tutorial! Yesterday I actually put up a new tutorial for turning jeans into shorts with a cute fabric embellishment on the pocket. If you want to check that one out, too, you can find it here:

    And great blog, by the way. :)