Friday, September 23, 2011

Sewn, not painted

No doubt you've seen a lot of the chevron design across blogland lately. Most of the pillows and rugs I've seen have all been painted. Well...I do much better with a sewing machine than a paint brush.

Personally I think it was just as easy, if not easier than taping, painting, drying and then sewing. I finished my pillow in a day. If you look closely it's just a bunch of half square triangles. FYI I stared out with 3 inch squares and by backing it with batting and some simple straight line quilting it will be sure to last longer in my home with 3 children.

I backed it with a fat quarter of Bliss flannel. The kids have been fighting all week over who gets to lay on the new pillow, but right now they are at school so it's all mine.


  1. Darling pillow! Love the red and turquoise of Bliss and Ruby and lots of the other lines out there right now. Good job on the sewing and quilting! I would want a turn with the pillow as well!