Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Freezer Paper

So I know I am not the first one to discover the wonders of freezer paper, but for anyone out there who hasn't tried it yet, this stuff works great for dress making patterns! I admit, this is my first time trying it out. I've heard it's great to use for all sorts of sewing projects, but I have a dirty little secret in that I usually just cut up my patterns instead of tracing... I know, it's horribly lazy of me. In my defense, I don't really like to make the same thing twice so I don't figure I'll ever need the pattern again. But spending 16$ on a pattern as cute as this and only use it once is pretty stupid of me. I bought my freezer paper at Walmart awhile ago and to tell you the truth I have no idea how much it cost. But I can tell you this roll is going to last me along time.

I laid out my pattern and tore off a piece of freezer paper. I could see through the freezer paper just fine so I traced straight on to it. When I was done I lightly ironed the freezer paper, shinny plastic coated side down, to my fabric. It stays just well enough to cut out your pattern and when your done peel away the paper and your piece is perfectly cut out.

I was really happy with the way it turned out and felt more that just a little stupid for not trying it before. My adorable Oliver and S Family Reunion Dress pattern stayed neatly intact to be made again someday or pass along to someone else.

Above All Fabric recently did a sew along for the Family Reunion Dress. There's no chance of me getting mine done by the July 15th deadline to be entered into the prize drawing, but it's helpful to have the steps laid out for you. I'll be sure and show you mine when it's all done!

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