Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July

I am much more in the mood to think about our upcoming vacation to the cabin and laying out in the sun while the kids splash in the river. But if you want the best fabric selection you'd better start thinking about your Christmas projects in June and July, because that's when the fabric hits the selves. By the time November rolls around, it will be all gone.

Do you follow NanaCompany? I am in love with everything she does! I love all the sweet romantic fabric she uses. Recently she posted an adorable little story about having cookies and milk every night before bed with her little children and she made these too cute little cookie mats.

I wanted to make 5 (one for each of us) but I didn't know how much use they would get in our household. While working one night and staring at the Christmas fabric wondering how long it will be before it's all sold and thinking about buying some, I remembered the cookie mats. How about a little mat for Santa... Perfect! I pictured my children setting out Santa's special little mat with his homemade cookies and milk and I knew I had a darling project on my hands.

Looking through these pictures I think I still want to make some everyday cookie mats. Wouldn't they look cute all hung on a hook in the kitchen?!

NanaCompany's Cookie and Milk Snack Mat Tutorial

Most of the fabric I used is Sweetwaters new fabric line, Countdown To Christmas, except the black for the plate... I can't remember :( sorry.

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  1. adorable! I love that you made it for Santa... I'm planning on doing one of those too. cheers! xo amy