Thursday, May 26, 2011

Refinished Chairs

I gave my old kitchen chairs new life this week with a fresh coat of paint. I think they make for very bright and sunny porch chairs.

I started off with sandpaper, but quickly switched to an electric sander. I wanted to just rough up the surface before I applied the primer. The most satisfing part was sanding off the years of stuck-on food splatters and spills...GROSS!

I applied 2 coats of a spray paint primer by Valspar.

All spray paint is not created equal. The first spray paint I used was by Krylon, and though the red turned out ok, the green was horrible. I had to use two cans of the green (with the red and blue I only needed one) and I got a lot of drips. For the blue chair I used Valspar and it covered beautifully with one can.

My finished porch chairs (along with a little table from Ikea that cost a very reasonable 7.99$!). Just in time for Memorial day. I think will have lemonade and hotdogs on the porch this Monday.

My materials list...

100 grit sandpaper
electric sander, optional, but if you can get ahold of one it sure was quick.
white spray paint primer by Valspar (found at Lowes in the spray paint isle)
one can of Krylon Cherry Red Gloss spray paint
two cans of Krylon Ivy Leaf Gloss spray paint
one can of Valspar Mediterranean Gloss spray paint

I've thought about using a varnish on my chairs. I haven't yet, I may still... I'll have to let you know.


  1. I love them. I am going to have to drive by later just to see them in person.

  2. I have the same project for my patio....and I am going to go buy some Valspar paint tomorrow! I have four, so I will add a yellow one, my table is bright red! Thanks for the tips! I found you thru Pinterest....Love your blog! Sandy

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