Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainy Days

Is it raining at your house? It is at mine. And has been, for months! My new swingset has not seen many children on it so far.

Time to get creative to keep the little ones from driving me CRAZY!
We made these wooden spoon dolls...

Teaching the kids about "sewing needle safety" :)

It's worth the mess if I get a few minutes break right?

I let them help themselves to my fabric scraps and leftover trims.

Here's another project we made that wasn't as big a hit, but still fun: eggshell mosaics. I even did a google search on mosaics, taught the kids some art history and brought up some pictures for inspiration (awesome parenting moment for me!)

Wish I would have thought of this craft right after Easter! Great way to use up all those colored egg shells.

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