Thursday, September 2, 2010

Old MacDonald's Farm

I just finished this project for display at Pine Needles. It was a real beast to sew (the patterns contains a bunch more animals but I didn't think my nerves could handle turning out any more tiny little pieces), but I think it was worth it after all, it turned out pretty cute. My poor kids are dying to play with it, but they'll just have to wait.
My favorites are the horse and the cow. My daughter was sad I didn't make the goat, which was very cute. Maybe I'll have to work on that after I take a break and sew something else for awhile.
The pattern is called Old MacDonald's Farm by Under The Garden Moon. I was going to try and link to it, but I couldn't find it anywhere. You can buy the pattern, and see my sample :) at Pine Needles in West Jordan, Utah.
Oh by the way, the little animals go in the bag, I just safty pinned them on the outside so you could see them.

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