Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Girls Room

I had a limited budget to work with and I am not some fantastic designer, but I think I created a very girly little place for my girls to call their own. Here are some pictures of my favorite things in the room...
The dress up corner with the 4$ mirror from Target is C's favorite spot.

Loved this color blue spray paint I found and went a little crazy with it. (can of spray paint- 3$, frames- basement find FREE, cute scrapbook paper- 3$)
The little owls are a pattern I made that perhaps someday I will get around to
posting on this blog.
My wonderfully talented mom painted this picture for P.
(hoping to get one for C soon *hint hint*)
The Cutest Quilt Ever (if I do say so myself). It hangs crooked but I love it anyway. It's a pattern by Pine Mountain Designs called Little Things.

My favorite block of the Cutest Quilt Ever Quilt.

Another cute block (don't look at my quilting, I was still practicing!)

The curtain I made from a 6$ flat sheet from Target and a couple yards of rick rack.

And my most favorite thing about the room, THE GIRLS! Here is P and her BFF
on the new bunk bed.


  1. Love it, especially the owls. PBK has a bedding set that I want sooooooo bad that is owls so I am looking forward to your tutorial.

    Love the picture of P and H. P looks so happy on her top bunk!

  2. Their room turned out so darling! I love how casual you are about your talent..."a pattern I made" yep you've got skills. So stinkin' cute!

  3. I just got to your blog via lemon squeezy and I love that mushroom backpack. Did you use a pattern or make it up? I know my kids would love one!

  4. Jennifer- the mushroom backpack pattern is from a book called Kaleidoscope by Melly and Me. Pine Needles in West Jordan, Utah sells the book or I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find on line. It's full of super cute patterns like this one.