Monday, March 25, 2013


Wow! Too long since my last post! Sorry...
To be completely honest, it's the winter weather. I start singing the blues this time of year.
It's hard to find the motivation to do anything.
I guess I really don't belong in the Mountain West. For right now I'm stuck here though.
At least I have these little beauties to keep me company...
I'm feeling better. The sun is starting shine again. Spring has begun.
Spring here in Utah does mean occasional drops in temperature and sudden snow storms like we've had the past week.
But the worst is behind me. I'm ready to cheer up and get back to living.
All I can say is thank goodness for this wonderful family I belong to that keeps me on my feet and keeps me feeling loved!

Thanks to Camera Shy for these incredible family pictures!

Check up on me at Twitter and Pinterest. I'm there far more often than I am at the blog. (Apologies ahead of time for all theSherlock/Doctor Who love. These two shows got me through a particularly difficult winter. Anyone else reading a big fan?)



  1. Same Utah "spring" blues. Happy tomorrow will be in the 60s!
    And yes. Love love love Sherlock and Doctor Who at our house. Well my husband and I do. If he puts on Doctor Who while the girls are awake our three year old goes running yelling "No Docdoow Who!!" He watched the episode where the school teachers turn into "monsters" and eat people while she was present once....