Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Home For The Holidays - And Free Printable!

I Love my home this time of year! Even sitting in the evening watching TV feels special when the only light in the room comes from the tree. Here is a few pictures of our budget friendly holiday decorations...
 I needed new printables for my side table this Christmas and this is what I came up with...
The printables are cute but I especially love my little 8$ white tree from Target! 
You can find a link to these printables of mine at the end of this post. Enjoy!
I love to hang our stockings on the stairs (since we don't have a mantle) so it's the first thing the kids see as they head down Christmas morning. Seeing there stockings stuffed with goodies will only highten the excitement for when they turn the corner and see the real jackpot... under the Tree!
Just a little shelf in the bathroom. My mom painted this adorable little Santa and we have it up somewhere in the house every year.
The countdown calendar is all stuffed and ready to go for this Saturday, the 1st of December. Each pockets filled with 3 treats, so we don't fight.
And this special corner...
Suprise suprise, my husband can play the piano! I really had no idea. I haven't heard him play before. I was practing my "Jolly Old Saint Nick" song when he came over to show me how it's really done. He was gracious enough to tell me how good I was doing for only 2 days worth of practice, but I admit I'm a little embarrassed to play in front of him anymore. I'll just have to get him to teach me what he knows. 

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