Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BYU / UTAH subway art

Football has returned to my TV. 
No, I don't really like football much. At least, I don't like to sit for 3 + hours and watch a whole game... or multiple games... all weekend long!
 I do love watching my son play his flag football games Saturday mornings.
I love hot wings, 7 layer dip, hot dogs, nachos and various other football watching snacks.
I love the excitement of going to a college game and watching the people around me get so fired up!
I love my husband, and my husband loves football, and I love to snuggle close to my husband while he watches football.
I love the fall.
So I guess I love everything about football except the actual game.
(which is a little harsh, I appreciate the game and a love when my team wins! Why do the games have to be so stinkin' long though?!)
We cheer for the U (University of Utah) in this house... or so I have been told. My husband got his law degree from BYU though, so even though he might not like it, I cheer for them too. We'll also be watching a lot Philadelphia Eagles games this season.
 I'll try a little harder this year to get into football (I say that every year). I'm starting with this subway art I made to set out on game days. If your a BYU or Utah fan feel free to use them yourself! I also thought they'd make a great back to school decoration or even a card for a college student!
Go UTES! (or BYU, whichever)